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Photo of Owl Street Studio Founder Brian Rawson
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September 9, 2021
Photo of Owl Street Studio Founder Brian Rawson

When it comes to starting your own business or nonprofit, you probably already know that you should research your competition and your customers and clients. But did you know there’s one more thing you need to research before you open your doors or publish your website? You need to research - yourself.  

And I know, how the heck are you supposed to do that? It’s not like there’s a PEW research survey just about you. Or is there? (Well, no there’s not a PEW survey like that but…) there is a simple, step-by-step way to learn more about yourself.

In this episode of Empathy, Marketing, and You, Raven and Brian talk about how to learn more about yourself before you even have a full business idea yet. Plus, Raven shares her personal story of how she found out what she truly loves in life and how that knowledge led her to launching her business, Nevermore Creative.

And if you’re not sure what market research really is, that’s totally ok! In our episodes, What is Market Research? And How Market Research Helps You, Raven and Brian unpack what market research really is; and they talk about what it is not. Check them out here:

What is Market Research?

How Market Research Helps You


Raven is the founder of the social media marketing agency Nevermore Creative.

We've partnered with Nevermore Creative to bring you our new show, Empathy, Marketing, & You.

Nevermore Creative is a member of the Owl Street Studio creative collective, and you can learn more about them by following founder, Raven Ariana on Instagram here: @raven.ariana


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