Our Team

Owl Street Studio is a collective of professional creatives who believe that design and marketing should do good and that no one should be excluded from the table.

That's why we partner with SCORE - an organization that provides free resources and one-on-one mentorship to entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders across the country.

That's why we partner with Synergy Coworking, a coworking space in Madison, Wisconsin whose services tear down systemic barriers and replace them with the space you need to thrive. To learn more about our partnership with Synergy Coworking, read our article: Stop the Scarcity Loop Today

"I believe that through empathy, creativity, and problem solving we can create a more fair, balanced, honorable, and kind society. I also believe that no one should be excluded from the table. So, using empathy, marketing, and design, Owl Street Studio works to build place for each of us to live a good life, side by side, together."

brian james rawson

/ president

*To learn more about Brian, read: Marketing, Diversity, Inclusion, Me and You.

Photo of Owl Street Studio's President Brian Rawson


Our services

We provide services under four large areas: marketing, branding, graphic design, and copywriting. Each project typically is a smaller section of these areas and a combination of sections. For example, for a marketing project, we may provide social media marketing which includes graphic design and copywriting. Or we may provide digital marketing which includes website design, graphic design, and copywriting.

See a full list of our specific services: here.


Our pricing

Here at Owl Street Studio, we meet you where you are and offer multiple payment plan options with each project.

This way you can choose the option that fits best for you and the unique situation of your business.


Our process

At Owl Street Studio, we believe the most important part of every project isn’t research or strategy or design. We believe the most important part is listening.

We use active listening, follow-up questions, attunement and empathy to really get to know you, your situation, and your goals. Then, we start our problem solving engines and work in collaboration with you to craft creative solutions to overcome the obstacles in front of your goals.

And then, throughout your project, we hold in-depth conversations with you to ensure you control the pace and direction of the work.

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