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Here at Owl Street Studio, we provide comprehensive marketing and design services. This means we bring in-depth market research and a holistic approach to every project.

So no matter if it's a website project, social media project, or full service project, we focus on your long-term success and coordinate your project with every other aspect of your business and marketing goals.

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Our most popular projects are website and social media projects. Websites and social media encompass the majority of marketing efforts for today's businesses and nonprofits, and websites and social media are the main channel for building your brand and reputation today.

Making a great website and social media feed requires solid market research, amazing visuals, compelling messaging, and focused strategy. That’s why our website and social media projects include brand design, brand strategy, brand messaging, content marketing, search engine optimization, customer research, and more.

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Another one of our popular projects is our consultation project, where we provide you with information, resources, and support to meet your marketing needs.

Our consultation projects cover every aspect of your marketing needs and help you through every business situation you may face. For instance, under this one project, we can provide you with consultation on how to build your website, how to set your prices, how to design your brand, and more. This project is an easy starting place to grow your business and nonprofit.

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Websites, social media, and consultation are some of our most popular projects, but they're far from our only projects. We offer a wide range of services, which enables us to tailor your project to your specific needs.

For instance, if the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, but when you have a full tool set, you can craft distinct solutions to each specific problem. We offer you the full set, and we build your project around your specific business goals and needs. Our List of Services in the next section gives you an idea of what we provide and the different ways we can tailor your project to you.

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our services

List of

Marketing Services: Market Research / Demographic Research / Customer Research / Marketing Strategy / Marketing Management / Content Marketing / Social Media Marketing / Brand Awareness Campaigns / Advertising Campaigns / Product Launch Campaigns / Email Marketing / Digital Marketing / SEO Optimization / Price Strategy / Product Development / Event Marketing / Intern Marketing / Hiring & Recruitment Marketing / Public Relations / Sponsorship Campaigns / Fundraising Campaigns / and more.

Branding: Brand Identity Design / Brand Strategy / Brand Visual Identities / Logo Design / Brand Research / Brand Positioning / Brand Messaging / Rebranding / Sub-Branding / Product Branding / and more.

Graphic Design: Brand Materials / Marketing Materials / Social Media Content / Digital Content / Digital Design / Website Design / UX/UI Design / Print Design / Advertising Design / Wayfinding Design / Signage Design / Booth/pop-up Store Design / Packaging Design / Presentation Slide Decks / Merchandise Design / and more.

Media: Video Content / Audio Content & Podcasts / Custom Music Tracks / Custom Soundtracks / and more.

Consultation & Education: Team Consultation / Volunteer Training / Speaking Events / Presentations / Workshops / Webinars & Trainings / Business Coaching / and more.

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