case study

Synergy Coworking  

The Client:

Synergy Coworking, a coworking space in Madison, Wisconsin whose services tear down systemic barriers and replace them with the space you need to thrive.

Services Provided:  
Market Research / Brand Strategy and Design / Marketing Strategy and Execution / Web Design / Price Strategy / Social Media Marketing / Content Marketing / Digital Marketing / SEO / Wayfinding / Print and Promotional Materials / Copywriting and Messaging / and more.

Character studies

To begin Synergy Coworking's project, we first learned everything we could about their clients. We conducted in-depth demographic research of their community of Madison, Wisconsin. Along with statistical information, we examined national trends and sociological research to help understand the demographics of the Madison, Wisconsin community.

We also conducted interviews with the Synergy Coworking's team to learn more about their clients. Through empathy, asking questions, and active listening, the conversations with their team helped us grasp the driving needs of their clients and of the Madison, Wisconsin community. Then from all of our conversations and research, we created comprehensive client character studies.

Competitor analysis

We also conducted an in-depth review of firms similar to and adjacent to Synergy Coworking. This guided us in creating a brand that fit in with the other firms in Synergy's industry and yet stood out from everyone else in their field.

Brand messaging

We then collaborated with Synergy's team to map-out their team's culture, personality, and ethos. This internal research allowed us to create brand messaging that succinctly communicated their services and aligned their team mission with the deeper needs of their clients and their community.


To create the visuals for Synergy Coworking's new brand, we first used all of the information from the market research phase to create a brand stylescape. A stylescape is a panorama of visual elements that includes everything from typography to textures and patterns. These visual elements work in unison to form a full sample of a brand's visual identity.



From the finalized stylescape, we created the brand styleguide for Synergy Coworking. A brand styleguide works like a brand field kit and instruction booklet. The guide explains and exemplifies all of the components of the brand's visual and messaging identity, such as the brand's fonts, colors, logo, and messaging tone.

A well crafted styleguide provides every piece of information that a new designer or writer needs to create materials that seamlessly fit with the brand. Thus, the styleguide can be handed to a designer fifty years from now, elements can be created, and the brand will never lose its identity. By enabling brand consistency with seamless collaboration, the brand styleguide allows the brand to grow and endure for years and years to come.

Brand Styleguide for synergy coworking

& Marketing

With the brand identity finalized, we moved on to bringing the brand to life by creating all of the brand and marketing materials for Synergy Coworking.

Brand materials are physical and/or digital materials that allow the brand to function on a day to day basis. These materials also serve as the bedrock and beginning of the firm's marketing efforts. Examples of brand materials are things like business cards, internal and external documents, writing such as welcome guides, intake forms, and more.

Marketing materials are any physical and/or digital materials that aim to spark conversations that build brand awareness and brand value. Examples of these materials are things like brochures, posters, social media posts, blog articles, video content, and more.

From websites to wayfinding, from brochures to business cards, we created an entirely new brand materials and marketing materials suite for Synergy Coworking. For these materials, we created all of the visual and verbal elements.

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