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How Market Research Helps You

by Brian James Rawson & Raven Ariana
August 20, 2021

Yes, you should do market research. Before you launch your new product, before you publish your new website or open your doors; you need to research your competition, understand your customers and clients, and lay out your team’s culture, mission, and ethos. But why?

What’s the benefit to all this research? To all this time and effort? In other words, how does market research actually help you?

Today, on Empathy, Marketing, & You; Raven and Brian talk about all the ways market research helps you.

And if you’re not sure what market research really is, that’s totally ok! In our episode, What is Market Research?, Raven and Brian unpack what market research really is; and they talk about what it is not.

Raven is the founder of Nevermore Creative, an online magazine and community for creatives and professionals.

We've partnered with Nevermore Creative to bring you our new show, Empathy, Marketing, & You.


*At the time of this recording, Raven and Nevermore Creative were members of the Owl Street Studio creative collective.

Raven still runs Nevermore Creative and her own social media community, but since recording, Raven has transitioned to become Owl Street Studio’s Chief of Marketing.

“Raven and I have worked together for a long-time, and Owl Street Studio wouldn’t be what it is today without Raven’s long-standing support, comerdiere, and creative work. We are beyond thrilled and blessed to have her now on our internal team. ”

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